We are a family company. We have been successfully constructing modern and durable buildings based on innovative technologies for many years. We owe a significant part of our success to our customers because we would not exist without them and their recommendations.

With extensive industry experience, we decided to meet our customers and offer a revolutionary solution: mobile homes on wheels. Our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction of our customers, so we carefully prepared the design of the mini house for an extended period.

The trailers we create have a small footprint but great potential and great looks. There is everything you need for a comfortable daily life anywhere on earth in each of the cottages. We realise both ready-made projects, as well as created individually for the customer

We work on mobile homes from A to Z, so we can be sure that the product going into the customer’s hands was in complete control. We choose the highest quality materials so that the objects serve for many years, and we make every effort to ensure that their price is adequate to the quality and satisfaction of the user.

Miks on ratastel majad niivõrd populaarsed?

Many times we wonder if we want to spend our whole life tied to one place. We look for inspiration, exciting solutions and new possibilities. However, we realise that something we invest in must provide comfort, convenience and additionally serve for years, regardless of the season.

Thanks to companies like ours (which are forward-thinking), mobile homes are being built that are not dependent on a single area and give you the freedom to move around. A significant advantage of this type of project is that we do not have to own the land on which we build our dream house. The land can only be leased. Cottages are located on wheels, which also facilitates quick and easy transport to the destination.

These types of houses have a smaller surface area, which obliges them to manage their space correctly. This promotes ecology and limits consumerism. Inhabitants of a mobile home can clean their room, thus feeling better according to the “less is more” principle

The mobile home on wheels is built so that you can function in it regardless of the weather conditions outside. The construction of the mobile home on wheels is a steel frame protected against corrosion and a wooden frame. Top-quality insulation and stylish wood and anthracite sheet metal finish look excellent.

We invite you to see our live projects.